We like the countryside and we like the mountain. We like their landscapes, their plants and their animals, of course. But above all we like what the land represents and the people who work it: Effort, sacrifice and care of the natural environment to offer a product of the highest quality.

When we consume a vegetable or a piece of meat we are not aware of how sacrificed work is in the land and how important it is to preserve that rural life to enjoy its best products.

Oh Land sells and manages tourism activities related to the rural environment.

Farms and livestock, especially if they are small, have a very small profitability if you can talk about profitability.

Oh Land offers tourists and residents the opportunity to experience, share and learn about life on farms, livestock, forestry and hunting as a way to experience a real and authentic rural environment.

Live with the farmers of the island every day. Work with them, experience what rural life is like, eat and drink just like them, enjoy the landscapes they contemplate.

The field is probably the great unknown of the island of Mallorca. Experimenting it and knowing it as it really is, without seasonings, is a unique opportunity to enjoy unknown natural spaces, rural farms that are only accessed to experience these activities.

An activity of Oh Land allows the visitor of a farm to walk their paths, to help the countryman in his task of the day: Plant, collect, graze, prune, plow, etc …, have breakfast, eat or snack what the peasants take to feed . Share a table with them as a way to experience their daily life or even buy handmade natural products in each of the farms: olive oil, oranges, jams, wine, sobrasadas, etc …

There are many visitors to the island who feel a deep respect for the environment, rural life and the products of the land. Oh Land facilitates its access to farms through recreational and informative activities that, in addition to being a way to obtain a remuneration that will improve the profitability of farms, allows to make known rural life so that people who do not have direct contact with the land and its activities, know and experience